The Red Room

Spent last weekend preparing my latest release. The Red Room is a small home studio / office I have set up in The Shelf House. I used it a lot when I was recording the Star City Punkcast with Tara Hicks and Savana Perdue, a podcast for local and reginal punk rock music, shows, and news. It’s also a place where I can work on ideas, make demos, listen to music (critically or for enjoyment), and all the other home officey stuff you’d think.

I keep a Baldwin spinet piano in there and a few other instruments so whenever I get the creative itch I can scratch it quickly. Throughout 2017 & 2018 I made several recordings of mostly piano based songs on a Tascam 2488 porta studio. I have share a few song from this up coming release but very excited about share all the tunes and move on to the next stuff.

No official release date yet but I did want to share the art work.

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