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Appalachian Vibes Interview and Performance

Recently, I was interviewed by Appalachian Vibes, a new radio show on 101.5 The Mountain hosted by an old friend Amanda Bocchi. It was a pleasant experience, I was able to talk about “The Red Room” and give some more insight on the song writing and recording process. Along with the interview, I played some acoustic versions of a few of the song off the new release. They set me up to record in The Fret Mill, a great guitar shop in downtown Roanoke that has been a staple around here for years. The rest of the interview we did in the basement of The Shelf House

It has already aired on radio but you can listen to the episode I’m featured on here: Episode 3: Marshall Hicks, Radar Rose, Young Bull

The Red Room

Spent last weekend preparing my latest release. The Red Room is a small home studio / office I have set up in The Shelf House. I used it a lot when I was recording the Star City Punkcast with Tara Hicks and Savana Perdue, a podcast for local and reginal punk rock music, shows, and news. It’s also a place where I can work on ideas, make demos, listen to music (critically or for enjoyment), and all the other home officey stuff you’d think.

I keep a Baldwin spinet piano in there and a few other instruments so whenever I get the creative itch I can scratch it quickly. Throughout 2017 & 2018 I made several recordings of mostly piano based songs on a Tascam 2488 porta studio. I have share a few song from this up coming release but very excited about share all the tunes and move on to the next stuff.

No official release date yet but I did want to share the art work.

Marshall & Friends (vol. 2)

Happy New Years to all!  In 2020 I plan to bring lot of new music and record with some great bands.  In the same fashion as my last 2 post, here is some more music from my recording adventures.  These songs were all written and recorded in my basement with some of my best buds.  The 6 song EP is the 2nd “Marshall & Friends” release and I must say lots of cool stuff here.  Also, check out Vol. 1 on my bandcamp, If you haven’t yet.



Happy winter solstice here is a 3 song EP rightfully titled “Unsung”. Here are 3 home recordings that have been on the shelf for some time. The 1st track, “Should Have Know Better Than That”, may sound familiar to some. I had performed it solo a few times and later with Shared Skeletons.

Unsung. Home recordings. Old times. New Feelings.



Spontaneously Prompt


With the New Year rolling in so are the gigs and events! Virginia Electric has played a couple of shows now and getting into the rhythm. This week we play one of our favorites in town, Martin’s Downtown. We are starting to book outside of Roanoke as well, with a few shows out in Danville already booked and a even a wedding! So watch out for us in 2017.


Hosted a great show at The Shelf House on January 13th. Check out these great photos from Brian Muncy ( ).


Mike Henderson


Washed Up


The Reppertons




The Shelf House



Virginia Electric teamed up with Will Sellari and Dave Perry to flim a live recording of one of our original songs “Built To Last” Video should be out early next year.


So my new band Virginia Electric has finished our very 1st demo for your listening pleasure. Follow this link Virginia Electric’s Bandcamp and give it a listen for free. If you download (name your price!!!) you will receive an extra hidden track. If you dig what you hear Like us on our Facebook  and keep up with with us on news and show announcements.