Marshall Hicks was born September 9th 1988. Picked up music almost by accident by getting tips and tricks from childhood friends. Starting out in various local punk rock bands Marshall began writing his own songs and arrangements.  He continued his curiosity by diving into any instrument, jangler, or sound he could get his hands on and learning it.  Having played with many independent touring bands such as: The Missionaries, The Makeout, The Wading Girl, Pissant and Nancy & 2 Meteors, he gain great knowledge and experience of the road, night clubs and bars, and showmanship. As well as playing, Marshall started put out a lot of his own CDs of his bands and recordings. Printing and burning his own covers and disk, Marshall and friends of his would put together 50-100 CDs at a time; there was no record label. It was a very DIY thing but people took notice.

Currently living deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, He is behind the drum set with Virginia Electric and Also keeping up a few side project and finding time to work on home/studio recordings and solo shows, Marshall doesn’t plan to slow down.

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