• I See You There

I see you there sitting up on your pedestal
I see you there with your ears in to the air
I see you there why don’t you look my way
why don’t you listen to what I say

It’s been a while since you were in it
no one know better than me
how hard it is to be committed
even though I don’t like to admit it

I see you there like every single day
and when I don’t I just don’t feel the same
I see you there like I wish you’d see me too
I see you there I want to be with you

Well could it be you just don’t understand
It’s only me yeah I’m doing what I can
Please don’t leave I want to see you where I stand
you could be my baby and I could be you man

I see you there

  • Trying New Things

a few months ago I thought I had it great
come to find out it was all a big mistake
I had a job and I was making bank
and I had a girl and I always got laid

we had a love and we loved from a distance
staying up late our phone calls were endless
bragged to each other that we were the closest
and every weekend i’d drive to Richmond for you

all the memories from that house on the mountain
don’t matter much now but I’m glad to have had them
met a lot of friends and lovers around then
sometimes I wonder what else they could been to me

but we don’t talk we barely exist
I want to so bad but I resist
maybe one day we’ll get over it
I move on and I try to prosper
been searching for a life that I had before her
or a new on to start to occur
I’m trying new things but I’m never too sure

an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach
when you 2 came out of the front door
all I could think is I want to punch him
all I did is stand there in silence

  • (I don’t Think) This Is The Party

all the kids are standin around
all the kids are standin around
yeah they got their cups in their hands
actin like they don’t hear the sound
yeah they got their cups in their hand
actin like they don’t give a damn

I don’t think this is the party

when the days start to blend
and it seems like it just won’t end
and the money that you make
isn’t as much as what you spend
you’re exhausted, wore out
and finally you pass out
but tomorrow is another days yesterday

I don’t think this is the party

  • Walk With Me

Summer night I just need to get away
from all of this
The moon tells me not to hesitate
Run for the hills
untill the lights strobe through the trees
heating up this steady breeze

Would you come and walk with me?

I never said it but this must be the place
cause I’m already here
but baby I just can’t see your face
I need to have you near
So if you think you can keep up
I’ll try not to mess up

Would you come and walk with me?

I can’t take it no more
They keep knocking on my door
I’m not the same one they wanted
before they realized

  • Scattered Thoughts

It’s such a struggle everyday
to pin down what I really like to say
sometimes I just cloud my mine
sometimes I just don’t waste the time
The thoughts I have are so scattered
trying to come up with the shit you haven’t heard
but I will sing to all of you everything I know
I’m so burned out from all of this
myself, my friends, my never-ending bliss
up until now I’ve had no regrets
but maybe loving her and credit card debts
Trust me I’m not afraid of death
I’m just afraid of dying young

  • Remember The Days

we told you once that we were incredible
oh you were so wrong when you thought it was a joke
I love my life I’ve had some fun I try so hard not to hate anyone

I remember the days when everything was simple
and we didn’t have to try so hard
it just happen and we didn’t have to try so hard

i had two friends die last year
died right before they could buy a beer
but when we all are kickin it in a room
we all still know you’re there too

I see you day-to-day right there in front of me
sometimes I regret not realizing whats going on
whats going on?

  • Eye On The Prize

I lost my Innocents when I was quite young
but gain experiences and still had fun
while all my peers were looking near I was looking far
I had my eyes on the prize of the bigger picture

A few years fly of work and trying
a few hearts broken a few eyes a-cryin
I still stand where I am, I’m still right here
Still no closer to a plan

So I wake up to find it’s all right here
I have to take whats mine it’s now all so clear
never give up what you want if what you want is what you need
keep your eye on the prize and one day you’ll succeed

But don’t take it from me, go do it on your own
I’m still on my own journey, the journey is my home
if your brave you got it made, just be careful
sometimes its the bravest souls who are first to go

  • Emily

Emily come play with me
grab your banjo let’s go have some fun
I know some songs you could play along
or I could jam to delta function
Emily I’d like to see you more than just here and there
Oh I know your leaving soon
But that just means I’ll come visit you

Emily sing to me
You know I want to hear my song
This one’s for you and it’s all true
that I could sing it all night long
Emily I’d like to see you more than just here and there
Oh I know your going away
But that doesn’t mean you have to stay

Emily I’d like to believe
that I could do this all the time
Sing to you and you sing to me
Oh Emily

  • What Are You Looking At?

what are you looking at? what are you looking at?
what are you looking at? what are you looking at?
wow I’m fucked up definitely
asian kid in the van, Ziggy I’m sorry
fuck you! no fuck you!
the crow was gone
same music for three hours long
we should go out there

  • You Haven’t Heard This

I don’t need to sing anything to you
you know my song way to well
and now you look for a new sound
well I’m always fine tuning myself

it would be nice
to be on key
it would be nice
if you were here with me

fall asleep with the TV on
and when I dream
it’s just the same reoccurring one
and I don’t need to play this guitar for you
you’ve heard it all before
I know it’s just a bore

but you haven’t heard this

  • Revolution Of Sound

Is it hot in here or is it just the lights
or could it be this room full people breathing tonight
What the hell happened? What happened to silence?
I think it was killed by the stick count
and it began a revolution of sound

What is this feeling inside this basement?
someone better shut the door before it gets out

It wasn’t like this last week
The room wasn’t over flowing with beer
and the conversations have better meanings
No I mean a better understanding
This concrete foundation makes the perfect dance floor
It’s so hard not to be moving when your shoulder to shoulder

Tonight I saw more passion in the chords of a garage band
more passion in the drunken lyrics vomited out the singer’s mouth
more passion in the three-man mosh pit
more passion than anyone could have
stronger than love, stronger than hate
I got my money’s worth when I paid
the six bucks at the door

  • I Try Not To Creep

as you sit here
as you think for yourself
how to completely disappear
as I watch you just lay there
a glooming stare for inside the bed
I gather my thoughts
I try not to creep

  • Live With

It’s my friend’s birthday and I made her a mix tape
with all my favorite tracks from all of my favorite cassettes
and I’ll go to the party try to have a good time
try not to get shitty
most likely I’ll come home tonight alone
and in the morning I’ll make coffee for one
and while I eat I just think of the last time I woke up
to someone I loved

Between me and you there’s been a few times
I wish I could just say ok and quit giving a fuck
and take home every slut to my bed
but don’t worry I’m over that
but I can’t take back anything that I said
or anything that I did It just what I have to live with

And please forgive me if I forget your name
the next time we end up at the same bar
I really do try and I apologies If it hurts you
cause it hurts me too cause you took the time
to realise that I’m someone you should know
and I’ll remember your eyes and always treat you kind
even if it takes me forever to know you

  • I Don’t Mind, If You Don’t

Well I hope you’re doing fine
Hanging out in the sun
and I know it’s only time
That keeps us from having fun
and you know that I don’t mind
That you’re doing your own thing
Yeah you know that I don’t mind
I’ll just sit here and sing

A change of scene help you think
I know you had to get out of here
So many people think this town is weak
but you and me always kept it real
and I hope that you don’t mind
That I’m doing my own thing
and I hope that you don’t mind
that I sit here and sing

Well I know your living it up
You’re probably painting somewhere on a beach
and you know we haven’t given up
One day we’ll be in reach
And you know that I don’t mind
That you’re trying other things

  • Even When It Rains

Even when it rains I still ride my bike
I still see your face even when your gone
As I bike through the rain and fog
and my clothes soak through
I don’t feel so lost
As I bike through the rain and fog
and my clothes soak through
yeah I cut loose
Even when it rains I still ride my bike
I still think of you when the trains roll by
We all go though things we don’t want to do


And we all die in the end
From the minute we’re born we are dying
and it’s alright cause we’re living
Life is like the rain
when it stops it’s clear and everything’s washed away
so whether you’re alone or with people you know
you only got so much time till you go
and the world is such a big place and I’m so small
how could anybody remember my face

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