Tomorrow I say goodbye to one of the greatest bands I have had the pleasure to work with, Missionaries. What started as a solo project for my friend and bandmate, Seanmichael Poff, has took so many twist and turns through so many genres and line-up changes. Sadly it is time for this chapter to end and time to look towards the future and what it has in store for all of us.

When I joined The Missionaries (it did start as THE Missionaries) it was an eclectic folk / indie sounding outfit, with mainly acoustic instrument, including a woodwind section. We all were friends, we enjoyed a movie night together, and we made music! I remember my first practice with them, all I brought was a snare drum and a few sticks and brushes. A lot has changed since then and everyone has grown as a musician.

Tomorrow we play our last show in our hometown of Roanoke Virginia at The Spot on Kirk, which is very fitting to me. We used to perform there frequently when it was called The Kirk Ave music hall, and a lot of our former members had there last shows there.

Joining us for this departure is Clair Morgan, friends of ours from Richmond, Virginia who is kicking off a small tour that night. Check them out:  CLAIR MORGAN’S WEBSITE

Here is the Facebook event : Missionaries’ Last Show

We will also be releasing all the music we have recorded up to this point. A full length through Hope For The Tape Deck ( Half a Creature Pre-order ) and a self released EP of the last songs we wrote together titled “Exit Music”.



Thanks for all the good times, good tunes

Much love,



What a weekend! It took me a few days to process it all and prepare myself for this shows coming up this week.

Friday was a very weird show hosted by Backstreet Cafe’ downtown Roanoke. Very cool, hole the wall kind of place, but what is special about Backstreet is they will book anyone’s band. From Heavy Death Metal to singer-song writer acoustic stuff. Our show was a weird one… I got the call from my friend Eric of the project Lugwight from Richmond, VA, who performed at The Shelf House sometime last year. He wanted to book a show in Roanoke with another act Thieves of Shiloh, another act from Richmond. Now both of these acts are considered to be drone/noise/doom/ type of stuff, with Lugweight using a wall of amps to have his guitar cut right through your chest and Thieves of Shilo’s droning delayed electirc violin keeping you entranced for his whole set, so Backstreet was my 1st choice to have this show.

Also on the bill was Moths, Eric Wollersberger, soundscape project and Jonathan Woods and myself 1st performance as Stoner Cop. Last minute addition to the show was The Fabulous Miss Wendy, a Punk Rock Metal Grunge Pop from Portland, who ripped! What an act, if you get a chance to catch them I would definitely do so. They are on a 3 month long US tour right now.

Facebook event : Stoner Cop // Moths // Thieves of Shiloh // Lugweight + Fabulous Wendy




Thieves of Shiloh


The Fabulous Miss Wendy

Saturday night, I had to run sound at The Coffee Pot for a show my long time friend and old bandmate Mike Henderson put together.

Facebook event : Robbie And The Bookers, Riverbank Ramblers, Jupiter’s Incense, Paradigm!!!




Jupiter’s Incense


Riverbank Ramblers


Robbie and the Bookers

This week/weekend is a busy one:

Wednesday: Sound @ Martin’s downtown with Jive Mother Mary  www.jivemothermary.com

Thursday: Sound @ The Coffee Pot with Stump Tail Dolly With Riverbank Ramblers and Attakk

Friday: Sound @ Billy’s Barn with Heevahava // Compulsovich // Affliction Kid // Love & A .45

Saturday: Playing with Missionaries at Festival in the Park Missionaries at Festival + Sound @ Blue 5 with Lazy Man Dub Band

Sunday: Freedom Fest @ Fincastle Baptist Church

Let’s do this!




Did 4 shows at the Coffee Pot in 2 weeks, I almost set up a place to sleep there. Some really great shows happen in the last 2 weeks and I was right there for all the action.

April 22nd – Dead End Lane/Gloom Despair N Agony/Immortui

April 23rd – Mung Choke’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

April 28th – Argyle Goolsby (+ Gloom Despair N Agony and Immortui)

April 29th – Bask // Matewan // the Aurora Observatory

Here are a few pictures.

I also got the run sound at Phase 2 in Lynchburg for the first time and enjoyed the change of scenery.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the gigs keep rolling and so much more on the way. Thanks to all the musicians for the rad shows. Please check out all these bands.

INTER ARMA – Relapse Records




The Bastards Of Fate – Roanoke Cuddle Collective and Champions of Full Throated Gut Spilling BOMBAST

Nerve Endings (Bristol, TN)- Ace garage punk/hardcore returning to Roanoke to once again Melt Faces!!!!

Hectorina (Charlotte, NC) – Theatrical Rock with Punk and Soul influences. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!


Had a great time and show at The Phoenix! Here are some videos taken by Jason Davis a fellow Roanoke musician from the band Monster Atlantic.


Missionaries get to play a newer (but old) venue in town. The Phoenix, once was The Water Heater, a multi-purpose space used for event of all sorts. Now it is The Phoenix, owned by the creator of Floyd Fest, a huge outdoor festival held out in the mountains of Floyd. The show is a fundraiser for the community Gardens in Roanoke. Very glad to be apart of a great cause and to promote the new venue!


“Come out for a night of eclectic music benefiting Roanoke Community Garden Association. With Missionaries, Eric Rich Ensemble, and Buddahgraph Spaceship! Craft beer and wine. Food truck on site. $10 ticket (purchase at the door) includes ONE raffle ticket for a 5 day pass to FloydFest. Additional raffle tickets $5. Come have fun while helping RCGA grow in 2016!”



Friday, I will be joining a few musicians to put on an acoustic show case at a small hole in the wall venue, Backstreet Cafe’. This is the 1st solo performance I have booked in quite some time. I am real excited to get up and sing a bit! Come check it out a lot of good singer-song writers on this one.


Acoustic Showcase @ Backstreet Cafe
Friday March 18th ~ 8pm ~ $5!

Rick (from PILE) – Boston heavy rocker going acoustic
https://pile.bandcamp.com/ (check out “Magic Isn’t Real”)

John Pence (Infinite Ways) – First show back from Boston!

Mark Perry (Heevahava) – “Songs to drink and bullshit to”

Marshall Hicks (and his Bag of Tricks) – ROVA’s friendliest punk

Nightmare Sonata – Full band horror punk to close out the night!



Weather is warming up and the gigs are rolling in! Had a busy end of the week these past few days. It all stared Wednesday, I got to run sound for Blue 5’s house band Hoppie Vaughan and the Ministers of Soul, who are always a pleasure to work with! Catch them every Wednesday at Blue 5. Thursday, Missionaries trucked up to Harrisonburg for a show at The Golden Pony (formerly The Blue Nile) with are buds Eureka California (Athens, GA) and Hey Baby (Brooklyn, NY). The show went great, I loved all the new improvements of the venue and the same good vibe as The Blue Nile once had. We will be coming back there very soon.


Eureka California @ The Golden Pony


Hey Baby @ The Golden Pony

Friday, I was back home and we had the biggest line up at The Shelf House to date (FACEBOOK EVENT). All locals on the bill and man did the locals come out! Starting the show was Compulsovich playing a stripped down two piece set that would put most full on bands to shame. Matewan took the floor next and just killed it. Haven’t seen a bad show from Matewan yet, I don’t think they will disappoint you. Good Cat, Bad Cat (GCBC) was next, and let me tell you about this group. They all have been around the scene for many years in different project together and not, This by far is my favorite band these guys have done. If you see their name on a flier you better get your ass to that show. Last but not least was Heevahava who I have seen and played shows with for years now. Mark Perry who put this show line up together is a beast on guitar and can sing his ass off while doing it. Great 1st house show of the year if I say so! Look out for more to come!


Compulsovich @ The Shelf House


Good Cat, Bad Cat @ The Shelf House


Heevahava @ The Shelf House

Saturday, was Martin’s Saint Patrick’s Day Block Party. I was in monitor world all day, and this was a long day. Showed up at 8am didn’t leave until 3am. Really rad line up for the outdoor stage:

12pm – Tobacco Apache
145pm – The Floorboards
330pm – Welcome To Hoonah
515pm – Jackass Flats
7pm – Stolen Rhodes
845pm – Major & The Monbacks
1030pm – The Congress

Front of House and Monitors were run off a Behringer X32 system with a full size console at FOH and the compact in monitor world. Digital head amps and snake were in place and with just a little bit of gain staging set up issues the whole thing worked great! All the bands were pro, sounded great, and were a pleasure to work with.


Tobacco Apache @ Martin’s


Monitor World


Jackass Flats


The Floorboards


Welcome To Hoonah


Stolen Rhodes




Major & The Monbacks


The Congress


Front of the House


The Show


Line up