What a weekend! It took me a few days to process it all and prepare myself for this shows coming up this week.

Friday was a very weird show hosted by Backstreet Cafe’ downtown Roanoke. Very cool, hole the wall kind of place, but what is special about Backstreet is they will book anyone’s band. From Heavy Death Metal to singer-song writer acoustic stuff. Our show was a weird one… I got the call from my friend Eric of the project Lugwight from Richmond, VA, who performed at The Shelf House sometime last year. He wanted to book a show in Roanoke with another act Thieves of Shiloh, another act from Richmond. Now both of these acts are considered to be drone/noise/doom/ type of stuff, with Lugweight using a wall of amps to have his guitar cut right through your chest and Thieves of Shilo’s droning delayed electirc violin keeping you entranced for his whole set, so Backstreet was my 1st choice to have this show.

Also on the bill was Moths, Eric Wollersberger, soundscape project and Jonathan Woods and myself 1st performance as Stoner Cop. Last minute addition to the show was The Fabulous Miss Wendy, a Punk Rock Metal Grunge Pop from Portland, who ripped! What an act, if you get a chance to catch them I would definitely do so. They are on a 3 month long US tour right now.

Facebook event : Stoner Cop // Moths // Thieves of Shiloh // Lugweight + Fabulous Wendy




Thieves of Shiloh


The Fabulous Miss Wendy

Saturday night, I had to run sound at The Coffee Pot for a show my long time friend and old bandmate Mike Henderson put together.

Facebook event : Robbie And The Bookers, Riverbank Ramblers, Jupiter’s Incense, Paradigm!!!




Jupiter’s Incense


Riverbank Ramblers


Robbie and the Bookers

This week/weekend is a busy one:

Wednesday: Sound @ Martin’s downtown with Jive Mother Mary

Thursday: Sound @ The Coffee Pot with Stump Tail Dolly With Riverbank Ramblers and Attakk

Friday: Sound @ Billy’s Barn with Heevahava // Compulsovich // Affliction Kid // Love & A .45

Saturday: Playing with Missionaries at Festival in the Park Missionaries at Festival + Sound @ Blue 5 with Lazy Man Dub Band

Sunday: Freedom Fest @ Fincastle Baptist Church

Let’s do this!



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