Tomorrow I say goodbye to one of the greatest bands I have had the pleasure to work with, Missionaries. What started as a solo project for my friend and bandmate, Seanmichael Poff, has took so many twist and turns through so many genres and line-up changes. Sadly it is time for this chapter to end and time to look towards the future and what it has in store for all of us.

When I joined The Missionaries (it did start as THE Missionaries) it was an eclectic folk / indie sounding outfit, with mainly acoustic instrument, including a woodwind section. We all were friends, we enjoyed a movie night together, and we made music! I remember my first practice with them, all I brought was a snare drum and a few sticks and brushes. A lot has changed since then and everyone has grown as a musician.

Tomorrow we play our last show in our hometown of Roanoke Virginia at The Spot on Kirk, which is very fitting to me. We used to perform there frequently when it was called The Kirk Ave music hall, and a lot of our former members had there last shows there.

Joining us for this departure is Clair Morgan, friends of ours from Richmond, Virginia who is kicking off a small tour that night. Check them out:  CLAIR MORGAN’S WEBSITE

Here is the Facebook event : Missionaries’ Last Show

We will also be releasing all the music we have recorded up to this point. A full length through Hope For The Tape Deck ( Half a Creature Pre-order ) and a self released EP of the last songs we wrote together titled “Exit Music”.



Thanks for all the good times, good tunes

Much love,


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