I know what you are thinking… It’s July and close to 100 degrees everyday why are you putting out a song about winter coats?

This song has just as much to do with the summer time heat as much as the winter coat that is in your closet right now.

I rarely have ever played the blues let alone try to write a blues tune, but this is a straight up blues song and I don’t think it could have been done any other way.

This was written and recorded in one day and mixed the next. I sat on my porch and wrote the words while strumming my acoustic guitar to the busy street in front of me. Words were inspired by a few conversations I had over the last few days with a friend of mine, and the winter coat thing just stuck in my head.

No one is thinking about their winter coat now and when winter comes back will you even wear the same one you did last year? Sometimes you can start to feel that way yourself with relationships, friendships, and just connecting with society.

Working on more new songs, this one has a different feel so here it is, enjoy!

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