Pictures from The Shelf House show May 9th 2015 with An Odd Tell, Rockwell’s Ghost and Shared Skeletons.

Photos by: Donald Morris + Marshall Hicks



We have been mixing so much! Trying to finish up our new album. So keep a hear out. Slowly but surely we have been tweaking and perfecting the songs for our first full length.


Tonight’s song was “Baby, I’m Electric” a tune I wrote on the piano and a lot of the parts for each instrument. Sean added words and vocals.


Recording with our good friend John Thompson at a studio in the heart of downtown Roanoke.


Husky Burnett’s Gig


Myself and one of my favorite bass players in town Adam Painter got the chance to join the stage with Husky Burnette for a gig at Schooners, a local bar and venue in town. We will be joining him again at The Coffee Pot April 11th.

Photography and Video: Maria Colette


Shared Skeletons playing last show of 2014 at The Shelf House

Shared Skeletons playing last show of 2014 at The Shelf House


The Makeout plays ‘My Baby Hate The Misfits’ with Stevie D of Illbotz

‘One Last Cigarette’ live at Martins

The Makeout & Illbotz 10th Anniversary

Where were we……

With months of no updating, I have finally worked up a new computer set up (much faster and new!), the studio has improved greatly and I have started a new project with childhood friends Josh Schwartz and Mike Henderson. The new band is Shared Skeletons, we are trying to break down our own boundaries of being musicians and letting the music free flow from us as much as we can. Mike and me Started playing in a “Street-Punk” band, The Convicted in high school but, after The Convicted literally was convicted I asked Mike to join me for a new project The Makeout. Joined with good friends Brett Troutt and Adam Painter we starting our 1st serious band, recording multiple albums, playing gigs out on the road, and getting some local attention. The Makeout was our passion for a good 5 years, by then everyone in the band had side project and new jobs so the band fell apart. Witch brings me to Josh Schwartz, whom I founded Nancy & 2 Meteors with (my working side project outside of The Makeout). Josh and I started playing together acoustically, learning cover songs and jamming around new tunes I would write. We even played a show or 2 under the name “Free Beer”.  We wanted to take this band further but did not want the sort of thing you see and hear all the time so, we asked local DJ Dickie Eikcid to be our “drummer” using his drum machines and samplers. What a band we were! We didn’t even play out live for a year because we had no idea what our sound was or could be. Finally we played our 1st show in Dickies’ backyard with a few other acts for a art show. Playing and recording for a while we built a small group of fans and friends, even gaining another member of the band Aaron Baumoel to play synth, keyboards and even some REAL drums and we continued like this for a few years. Soon, we all started growing apart and Nancy & 2 Meteors disbanded when all the members moved out of Roanoke.

This brings us to now, Shared Skeletons is my new project for my outlet of guitar driven songs. We have learn a handful of tunes off of my solo-released “Thanks To You”, a few covers and written a good amount together. The music comes to us as we go, we have all been playing music with and around each other for so long now we feel it in our bones. Creating our own style of “Jam Punk”, we pull for all of influences. Here are the first 2 songs we have recorded —>    We play at The Shelf House this Saturday May 3rd with After Action Review, and Rockwell’s Ghost FACEBOOK EVENT

Missionaries – “Cliff” (Official Video)

I have waited far too long to update! I will be binge blogging the next few days to catch up on photo’s new recordings and news but to make up for lost time I will present to you Missionaries’ 1st official music video!!! Done by Harrisonburg friends Lurid Pictures, the video tells a cinematic story of a man and his son on a camping trip where they encounter a strange creature, all set to our 1st single from “DEMO EP”  Cliff. Enjoy!

Missionaries tour has begun!

Teach Me Equals at Fork in the City


My friends Erin and Greg who make up Teach Me Equals (formally Bard and Mustache) returned to Roanoke to perform at Fork in the City.