<— Friday night at my new favorite venue in Roanoke, The Horseshoe. Out on 9th Street in South East (near the 7-11). It’s has a great room for bands of all sizes and great cheep beer! I won’t be doing any of my own tunes there (soon I hope!) but, I’ll be laying down the beats for Strange Bird. Also, if you haven’t seen The Situationist or The Diamond Center (from Richmond) yet, you are in for a good night.                       Saturday Night —> is at The Bazaar, also a great venue here in the Star City.  I’ll have my bag of tricks and a few new songs! Playing with a few local friends and Adam in America (from Harrisonburg) it looks like it’s going to be an action packed weekend!!!

Here are the event pages on facebook:

Diamond Center + Situationist + Strange Bird @ Horseshoe

Adam in America + JBC + Gaffer Project+ Marshall Hicks @ The Bazaar

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