So I have a few shows coming up that all you should check out!

1st of all, my good buddies at Flannel Gurl Records are putting on a beautiful festival in Blacksburg, VA. I GOT BRAINS Fest on August 10th & 11th is going to be amazing weekend! Check out the Scheduled for this thing. It’s Killer!!!

NEXT, I have a house show on August 14th at the residence of John Barry Conception. With them on the bill as well for Who Are The Southern Baptist, who I have played with a few times already should be a great time. I always love a good house show. SHOW INFO

Then, August 19th The Missionaries along with John Barry Conception are playing at Kirk Ave. with Bad Sounds Coyote Campus. This should be a full on party with this line up don’t miss this great Sunday night show in downtown Roanoke.  SHOW INFO

On top of booking more show, I’m in the middle of a lot little project and a few BIG ones too. Keep a look out for some new tunes and sounds!

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