A beautiful weekend it was. Show in Manassas, VA went great. Thanks goes out to Steve from Who are the Southern Baptist? for helping out with booking the show at Nova Music. Green Bean opened the show up, a post rock funk two piece with some cool instrumental stuff. I was next and felt great response. This is the party! Attractions closed out the set. These 5 dudes have great tunes that can get build up mellow guitar licks up to explosive melodic heavy rock anthems.

After loading up and having a drink at the bar next door I join my friend Ricky out to his house out in The Plains, VA. He and his 2 roommates, Tom and Allen and a few others form The Deep Wood Collective there. At some point we got to jamming and we were all grooving on a few of my tunes on the piano. Next morning we all got up and recorded 2 of my songs. They sound good and are getting some mixing done to them. DWC might even release it on a 7 inch!!

All in all really beautiful weekend here’s some pix!


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