1st of the year and I am so late on updating so lets finish up 2012.

Through December 1st- 16th I went on tour with Eternal Summers and Nada Surf and wanted to share some photos from that:

We had one last show at The Shelf House in 2012. December 27th The Situationist, one of my all time favorite local bands and my roommates’ band Another Roadside Attraction and Myself had a celebration of all the shows we had in this basement. It was a fun show and a great year! Here is a list of all the shows we hosted in 2012:

Feb.29th Strange Bird / Joneski
May 4th Expeditions / Eternal Summers / Baby Pillows
June 29th Geoff Conley by candle light
Oct. 3rd Heevahava / Buck Gooter / Suppression
Oct. 8th BRAINSTORM / Dinosaur Feathers / Shark?
Oct. 19th The Missionaries / Grape Soda / Gaffer Project
Nov. 1st Virginia Werewoolf / Dads / Souveniers
Nov.18th The Bastards of Fate / Old Flings

Flier by Geoff Conley

Flier by Geoff Conley

also I booked a New Year’s show at Fork in the City and it was a Hit!

By Marshall Hicks

By Marshall Hicks


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