Snowy Eternal Summers demos, Missionaries recording + Eros & The Eschanton

Finally! A good snowy day, let’s cozy up and lay down some tunes. Last week, I helped Eternal Summers record some demos of some new material for their next album that they will be recording in Austin, TX. I did a simplistic micing and recorded the instruments all at once and had Nicole do her vocals after. Here are the amps and drums and mics and stuff…

The Missionaries as well are recording! We have a small tour coming up so we wanted to make a quick and limited EP to share on our travels. We spent from 3:30pm – 2:30am (11 freakin hours!!) in our space, but all the music is completed. The tracks sound great and we shall be finishing vocals some time this week.

and last, I want to share a video I took at The Bazaar last Saturday night. Eros & The Eschaton from Greensboro, NC played an amazing set. Can’t wait to catch them again.  This was the last song of their set:

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